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HostRelax Property Management Company was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing property owners with a relaxed and enjoyable rental experience. Our mission is to ensure that every property owner receives stable and substantial rental returns.

We adopt a fully managed and transparent management model, allowing property owners to have real-time access to the performance of the short-term rental market and the status of each rental payment. Over the years, the relentless efforts of the HostRelax team have enabled us to successfully manage over 300 short-term rental properties and 150 long-term rental properties, spanning across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Central Coast, South Australia, and other areas.

We have local offices in both the Gold Coast and Sydney, providing high-quality services to property owners and both short and long-term rental customers. At the same time, through close cooperation with real estate, mortgage, and other related partners, we also build trustworthy investment portfolios for an increasing number of investors. As the primary manager of the rental portion of these portfolios, we provide comprehensive support for a large number of property owners’ investment properties, achieving true “positive cash flow properties”.

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Traditional agents charge a lot to rent and manage your investment property. We do it better, for less.

Qualifications and Legitimacy

We are a legally licensed real estate agency, strictly adhering to Australian property laws and regulations, providing high-quality services to clients. We are committed to regulating the short-term rental market, ensuring that your investment operates within the legal framework.


You can choose the rental period and method of your property according to your needs. We offer diversified management models to meet your personalized requirements

Hotel Star Standards:

All properties are managed according to hotel star standards. We have regional managers and professional local teams in various cities to provide timely property maintenance and management services, ensuring that your investment property receives the best care.


Regular Inspection Reports

For each rental property, we schedule regular inspection checks. Professional inspection reports are sent to the landlord’s email periodically, ensuring that the landlord can accurately understand the current condition of the property.

Interior Design Services

We not only assist you in completing interior design and decoration but also arrange professional interior designers to tailor design and decoration schemes for your property. In just one week, your property can be transformed into a hotel-grade guest room.

Occupancy Rate and Income

Our pricing strategy closely resembles that of star-rated hotels. We are committed to maximizing rental income levels while ensuring high occupancy rates. We adjust prices differentially based on factors such as weekends, holidays, and proximity to dates to ensure the highest rental income yield.

Customer Service Management

We have local online and telephone hotlines in Australia to handle any issues for guests. We are committed to ensuring that our online properties maintain high standards of guest reviews, thereby increasing booking rates and rental income.

Housekeeping service

Our professional cleaning team provides efficient and high-standard cleaning services for your property with strong execution and operational capabilities. They are committed to ensuring that the cleaning of each property is completed on time and to a high standard, ensuring that each of our properties meets hotel check-out and check-in standards.

Maintenance and Repairs

After each guest checks out, we conduct a detailed property inspection. Our team carefully examines every detail, noting any potential damages or issues, and takes necessary repair measures promptly. Additionally, we arrange regular maintenance for the facilities and equipment within the rooms for landlords, aiming to detect potential issues in advance and address them promptly. Our goal is to minimize the impact on tenants, protect the interests of landlords, and ensure the long-term value and rentability of the property.

Multi-Platform High Exposure Operations

HostRelax has found the optimal balance between traditional hotel management and emerging vacation rental management. Our listings on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and others highlight the unique charm of vacation rentals, fully showcasing the individual characteristics of each property to attract different types of guests. Meanwhile, on traditional hotel platforms like and Expedia, we operate in a professional hotel manner, ensuring that service standards and quality are fully guaranteed.

No Hidden Fees

The vacation rental management market is still in its early stages, with various regulations and industry standards not yet fully established. In this context, HostRelax adheres to strict real estate industry ethics as its guideline, providing services to clients without any hidden fees.

Our fees are very transparent, charged as a percentage of rental income. Rent is managed through intermediary trust accounts, and monthly leasing reports clearly and transparently display the owner’s actual income for the month. This practice aims to ensure that property owners have a clear understanding of their investment situation and that their interests are fully protected.

Through our transparent fees and clear reports, we strive to strengthen trust and cooperation with property owners, collectively promoting the healthy development of the vacation rental management market.

Comprehensive Management Services

Short-term rental management requires not only robust online operations and management but also crucial local services. We have local operations teams in every area, including local operations managers and professional cleaning service team. They are dedicated to providing guests with high-standard room services to enhance property booking rates. At the same time, our offline teams also pay close attention to property maintenance in all aspects, ensuring that your property remains in optimal condition at all times.

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Preparation for Launch

We assist in every aspect from inspection to property furnishing and styling to creating listing on different booking platforms.

Launch & Management

This is time for you to relax and we do all the work. We use optimization strategy to achieve high occupancy and rental income so that you will be thrilled when the rental report is sent to you.


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We are a dedicated and dynamic team who love to do what we are doing. We all benefit from the sharing economy with flexible living style and we want you to have it as well. Let us help you earn more and have a relaxing experience in property management.


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